Education: Children’s Doorway to a Life Well Lived

I’m still on the kick about children being cared for and finding a way to give back as they grow. I believe one of the primary ways to do this is through the field of nursing.

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter for kids to go into nursing, but it is a great option. As long as we teach our children to desire education and to want to do something noble with their lives, I think we are on the right track.

The nursing education and learning is coming to be much more preferred again in the beginning of the new millennium. This is as a result of the surge sought after for qualified as well as quality healthcare experts in the health centers, health care organizations, facilities, as well as public health facilities. Many training and programs cover basic nursing and also medication, but some do concentrate on locations such as psychological wellness, elderly, pediatric, post operatory and also scientific. Since its development in 1860 as apprenticeship training, nursing advanced right into a brand-new area of clinical research inviting an increasing number of students.

Currently, anybody which wants to be a registered nurse could be able to start turneding into one by beginning with Diploma in Nursing, which is not an academic degree yet rather a focused training as well as workshop on the fundamental as well as essential components of nursing. Completing hours of talks as well as practical hands on, along with passing your qualification examination certifies you to work as a Nursing Assistant. The Associate of Science in Nursing, completes in 2 years is typically supplied by area universities. After an examination, you will additionally be qualified to work as a Nursing Assistant in any kind of health care establishment or healthcare facility. The Bachelor’s degree in Nursing offered by universities are among the greatest type of nursing education as it certifies you to take the NCLEX-RN exam making you a registered nurse. For additional and continued education and learning, registered nurses could decide to take Master of Scientific research in Nursing in addition to Doctorate of Nursing.

Nursing education and learning has actually gone a lengthy means. Worldwide standardization is on its method boosting the top quality of grads as well as experts in the process. Not just are they the soundless assistants of doctors, yet instead the excellent aid and also requirement in every hospital and medical establishments. The ever changing healthcare and also unique advancement in the clinical industry need to constantly be coped up with the enhancing demand for these specialists.

The majority of healthcare facilities and also medical organizations supply totally free CNA (Licensed Nursing Assistant) training to qualified students. This is one method to respond to the enhancing need for this sort of profession. Colleges currently concentration on developing much better programs and curriculum so that their grads would certainly have an edge when they enter the real world. The good thing concerning this career is that you are not limited in to merely one course. There are lots of opportunities waiting for you, such as refresher courses, research study, the academe as well as the scientific and also hands on method. No more is it for women alone, but for both male as well as women wishing to attempt this career.

So if you are seeking the training and nursing education that would offer you the understanding and training that you seek, there are a great deal of institutions to choose from. Browse the web and also try to find approved colleges and also colleges. Financial aid is readily available if you are certified, so do not think twice to ask as well as make inquiries for them. Gain enough with a probability of a long-lasting efficient job. Isn?t that enough for you to begin it right by taking the appropriate education and learning?


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From Nursery Rhymes to Nursing: The Art of Caring

Being a registered nurse suggests that you would certainly have to execute a great deal of different duties. Nurses might decide to operate in a health center setup, a your home or a clinical research study organization. As a result, it needs to be no question as to exactly how thorough registered nurse training should be.

Nurses undergo a great deal during their training. Firstly, they are exposed to countless academic classes that outfit them with the clinical understanding that they require in order to embark on the clinical tasks that would at some point face them. In this phase of nurse training, the potential nurses are being examined per scholastic topic. They are provided a grade, and also if that grade fails, they will certainly have to make up for it. This is just one of the many actions to coming to be a nurse.

In addition to the hefty academic tons that potential nurses are faced with, they likewise need to function as on the job trainees in the hospital setting. They are subjected in areas of the hospital such as the emergency clinic as well as operating living rooms. Occasionally, nurse trainees are also appointed to deal with individual patients. At the end of their work in the health center, they must send a record as regards their experience functioning as a registered nurse trainee as well as all that they have discovered.

Many academic study are likewise needed of the registered nurse trainees to supplement their scholastic knowledge as well as on duty training.
After achieving every one of the above, the nurse trainees graduate. This however is not the end of the nurse training. Currently, the nurse will need to gain some extra credits as a graduate nurse in order to be certified as a specialist nurse in the future. They will have to abide by neighborhood nursing board laws as regards the quantity of time that they should certainly offer in healthcare facilities.

Additionally, the registered nurse will certainly have to undertake a considerable evaluation of all that he or she has learned throughout his/her training. This is especially because of the nursing board examination that is needed to become an expert registered nurse. It is this component of the training process that is quite rigorous due to the fact that the coverage of the nursing qualification exams is often really wide, and there is a possibility that it covers more than just what you covered in the earlier academic components of the training.

The course to coming to be a nurse is additionally a rather competitive one. There are a bunch of pupils who dream of ending up being registered nurses. Consequently, nurse training has become much more snug and also stringent. What?s much more, the exams have actually become more difficult. Consequently, even more work as well as initiative needs to be exerted in order end up being a nurse.

After recognizing just what goes on in registered nurse training, you will certainly recognize just how challenging the profession is. Although at the end you might be economically satisfied, you still needed to undergo a long as well as laborious procedure. The nurses are worthy of even more praise than they are currently offered. A bunch of effort and also willpower is exactly what drove many of them become just what they are today.


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The Hook in “Hook”

Have you ever seen the movie Hook? I love Hook because it talks about something that’s pretty dear to my heart.

For years I traveled all over the world doing business in foreign countries in foreign cities with foreign people and what I learned was that I was the Foreigner.

The reason I bring this up is Hook… The movie… has a protagonist name Peter Pan. Peter Pan is played by Robin Williams and he did a fantastic job playing the part of a businessman who was truly living the life of a boring adult. The movie follows Peter Pan as he rediscovers Neverland and his true identity.

He left Neverland because he was enraptured by a young woman and decided to give up being Peter Pan so he could pursue her.

Truth be told I kind of did the same thing when I met my first wife. I threw caution to the wind and followed her like a puppy following his master. Yeah, I’m not proud of it but I fell in love with her hook line and sinker. Who knew that someone you love has the potential to hurt so much.

Before you think I’m a saint or a villain, let me set the record straight. I am neither. I hurt her just as much as she hurt me. But, nevertheless, I remember being totally in love and willing to give up anything to pursue it.

That’s one of the things that I love about the story of Peter Pan in the movie Hook. It is this reckless abandon that plagues all of us as our emotions take us on a course that we will never forget. So back to the story. Peter Pan is a businessman making big deals happen. He goes back to the United Kingdom to visit Wendy who is now a grandma.

She tries to tell him that the story of Peter Pan is true, but being a grown-up, he didn’t believe her.

That was until Hook came to steal his children and have a final face-off with the mighty Peter Pan.

The next segment of the movie centers itself around Peter learning that he really is Peter Pan. He gets to learn that he always was Peter Pan and could be Peter Pan again. The reason he had lost his Peter Pan-hood, was because he was simply not in a position to believe anymore.

Oh, so many times I have yearned for the blissfulness of my youth. Do you remember when everything was magical? The point of the movie is that it can all be magical again. It is just that you have to learn how to allow the magic to seep into your heart again.

I read a book called When Bad Things Happen to Good People. And the author was a Jewish man who discusses how his son suffered from a rare illness and he wondered what he might have done to deserve this fate.

He discusses the perspective that he has, which was that he wanted to have a life full of wonderment. He, being the man who wrote the book, said if there’s one thing he knows for sure it is that he has always had a life of wonderment.  You can find the book Here.

He stated that he may not have had a lot of money or fame. However, he was sure that he was fascinated by life itself. Thus a good God did Grant him wonderment.

So with that discussion in place, I’d like to encourage everybody that might’ve taken the time to actually read this that we can live a different life. We can enjoy our time, live a life of wonderment, and be truly fascinated by the world. Once again our hearts can be dazzled by the magic of this lifetime.

Girls Grow Up…


Girls Grow Up in the Blink of a story!

When my daughter was little I decorated the room in Pooh bear style.

Now this was particularly close to my heart, because when I was a kid I had a small record player. I used to love to listen to the stories of Winnie the Pooh. Of course back then I didn’t have iPods iPhones DVD players and the like. So, I was fascinated just to have my own device in my room that I could listen to.

I love the four personality types that are presented in the Pooh characters. If you have seen the new movie “Inside Out,” you’ll see some similarities. The sad girl for example represented Eeyore.

Piglet was always just so sweet and so kind to everyone. Tigger was like joy. He liked to bounce all over the place. Winnie the Pooh represented a character who had some fears and anxieties such that was seen by Mr. fear in the movie.  I am not really sure what his name was.

I’m not sure off the top of my head who represented anger. However, I have to say I loved this movie and it just came out.

The story is really about a little girl maturing into adolescence. It describes her internal world so well. Inside Out was a great movie because it showed that we all tend to have different major emotions take over at different times and in different situations. When these emotions are allowed to rule for long enough, it changes the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

The way we see the world around us becomes permanent fixtures in our mind. And we base all of our experiences from then on out on those particular fixtures.

The beauty of this movie is that they spend time discussing how these permanent fixtures morph and change over time.

They also do a great job discussing past memories and how main character’s mind seems to choose the memories that we live in and allow the old ones to kind of fade into the background.

When those memories are no longer useful they just sort of fade into the past.

One of my favorite characters was the imaginary friend that was part elephant, part cat, and part porpoise.

He was a great character because he represented the child’s childhood. Once she was maturing into adolescence, she no longer needed him as a part of her reality.

I once read an article in psychology today magazine written by a woman who was able to remember everything that ever happened in her life. She is very rare and one of just a couple of people in the world that have been diagnosed with this particular skill.

For example you could ask her what she wore back in 1998 on a particular date, and she will remember. She literally remembers everything.

Now skeptical as I was initially when I heard about this person because who would be able to judge whether or not you were telling the truth, however, to my surprise, she had witnesses that proved it. Other family members agreed that she did have a special skill.

But one of the most fascinating parts about the article was the fact that not only did she remember everything, but she remembers the exact time of her transition from childhood to adulthood.

She remembers becoming a teenager, and she said that she remembers making a choice to live in a new reality after her childhood reality no longer serve her.

In essence she remember the exact choice that all of us have made to move on into adolescence and adulthood

The difference really is that we simply cannot remember that time. But she certainly can attest to the fact that we all did make that choice indeed. She noticed it around 11 or 12 years old. She said that she also remembers her friends making this type of decision.

I remember thinking how neat it would be to be able to remember everything like she does. However, after some of the major traumas in my life, I am kind of glad that I don’t remember everything that happened. Because no matter how we rationalize our world, it is always related to the way we see the world. We really can’t divorce ourselves from our own feelings long enough to see actual facts.  Well we can, but it takes practice.

In essence, there is what happened, what you told yourself about what happened, and what I told myself about what happened.

The reality is that the only thing that takes on a location and a time and a form is what happened. Everything else is pure speculation.

So as I end this article, I’d like to suggest that we keep reading our kids as many great stories as we have available to us. Hopefully we can use those stories to communicate better with them and tell them understand our world as we understand theirs.

Interviews for Care Givers


If you are interested in becoming a Care Giver, Nanny or other Service Individual, you will need to make sure you interview well. Here are my tips:

Interviews- How To Interview Well

There are plenty of times in your life when being able to interview well will come in handy. One of the biggest barrier to interviewing well is understanding how to interview well. There is not a lot of step by step information that can help you to become a great interviewee.

There are certain steps that you can take before interview day to be ready.

 Step 1

Do your homework. No matter what type of interview you are going for it will be expected that you ask some questions about the place you are interviewing for. Asking questions engages the interviewer and helps you to become a more memorable candidate. Asking pointed questions will help you to stand out in the interviewers mind so do your research before your interview date and make a list of 5 or fewer questions.

Step 2

Practice! There is plenty of information online that is relative to a full range of interview questions. Practice your answers. Practice in front of the mirror or video record yourself and review. You can easily become conscious of any shifting or fidgeting and make the necessary corrections.

 Step 3

This is the time to get serious. If you are being called in for an interview it is very likely that the people that are interviewing you know pretty much all there is to know about you as far as professional information. It can be tempting to show your sense of humor during an interview and spill out too much information.

This is not the time. Be friendly without being too personal. Answer all questions honestly. In many cases if there is a question being asked the panel likely already knows the answers so you just want to be as honest as possible.

 Step 4

Dress conservatively. You can never remake a first impression. Even if you believe that this is a laid back organization you should dress conservatively. It will be appreciated because it shows respect for the interview panel.

 Step 5

The day of the interview put your best face forward from the time you leave the house. You never know who you may meet along the way so you want to be pleasant to everyone along the way.

Step 6

Arrive 15 minutes early for your interview. Showing up early shows that you are eager and ready to get started! You can easily ace your interview with a little prep work and some effort!

Another helpful tip if you are applying for a nanny position. You should have your CPR training. This will let your interviewer know you are serious, and it prepares your for real life emergencies. The example shown is a company that trains nurses and other healthcare professionals to be prepared in case of a life threatening emergency.

Telling Kids Stories

Raising kids is not always easy.

But if there’s one thing I know about kids it’s that they love stories.

One afternoon with a car full of kids we are on our way to some family activity. My kids are invited some friends to come along.

So like the proverbial bus driver who loses his patience, I was looking for a way to entertain these kids. Then it dawned on me… I could tell him the story.

I was curious to see if these out-of-control children would be interested in the story. I even thought they might be too old to get any enjoyment out of it whatsoever. So I asked them, hey kids, have you ever heard the story of jack in the rainbow?

Using the story skills that I had gained from Jack in the beanstalk, I thought I could turn this caravan from “you know where” around. So I began…

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack. One day, early in the morning, Jack peered through his window. He was surprised to find a glowing end of a rainbow. This rainbow was no ordinary rainbow however. Jack noticed a golden staircase that seem to be embedded in the rainbow between the beautiful colors that he had never experienced so vividly before.

So, not wanting to wake anyone in the house, he called out through his window. And he began his ascent up the rainbows golden staircase. He had always heard that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, however, today he realized there was no pot of gold. Only a set of golden staircase he climbed…one step at a time, each step moved  him up higher off the ground.

Soon, he could look out and see his whole village beneath them. Unlike most days, he noticed that the Baker hadn’t started his work for the day yet. Wow he thought. It must still be very early. So, he climbed and climbed until he was at the pinnacle of the rainbow top. You can see for miles and miles in each direction, he thought. He wondered how far it really was from here to way over there (as far as he could see). He could see the hills off in the distance and he knew that he could see for nearly 100 miles for sure. He’d bet his life on it.

He sat Indian style on top of this rainbow for what seemed like hours until he noticed a giant bird. This was no ordinary bird however. It was the biggest bird he’d ever seen. The wingspan was enormous and it could sore like an eagle. As it got closer he realized that it had the face of a man.

I won’t encumber you with the rest of the story, however, all of the kids settled down. They we’re listening to every word that came out of my mouth. I could see it in their faces. They were mesmerized. The rowdiness had ceased, and the kids were committed to hearing every last word.

I realized in that moment, we are hardwired for story. We love great stories. And it doesn’t matter how old we are, story is an effective way to entertain our kids.

I hope you find the stories you find on this website wonderful and entertaining.